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Google/YouTube replied formally to our letter. The clock is paused.

23 August 2019


On the last day before our countdown clock ran out, we received a formal written reply from Google Germany. In the letter, they wrote that they have a “a strong interest in the success and satisfaction of YouTube Creators” — and “for this reason, we appreciate the recently expressed interest of the trade unions in supporting YouTube Creators.”

Google Germany has invited us to a meeting in their Berlin office, to discuss “fundamental questions regarding the future of work.” We will accept this invitation. And we have paused the countdown clock on

Christiane Benner, Vice President of IG Metall (the German Metalworkers’ Union), said: “The pressure that we have exercised jointly with the YouTubers Union on Google and YouTube has paid off. Google is coming to the table. We’re looking forward to meeting — soon. There we’ll find out what YouTube is ready to change.”

Jörg Sprave, Founder of the YouTubers Union, said: “We would never have gotten such a high-level invitation without the strong commitment and engagement of the members of the YouTubers Union. The YouTubers Union has grown from 15,000 members to over 22,000 members in the last four weeks alone. That will give us crucial support for the discussions with Google.”